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I have been a bit low key on my blog lately. One of the reasons is Pinterest. It’s quite addicting to be able to make all sorts of moodboards in just one simple click. It gives me much inspiration seeing all these different images. Altough I’m sharing my mood, interests and inspiration on Pinterest, I feel like it’s more everyone for themselves. I create the moodboard that I love and watch other people’s moodboard to find interesting images, quotes and information. That’s when I came up with the idea of this blog post. I like to share my inspiration with you, whoever reads this.

In a couple of months I’m going to move in my appartment. I have been looking around a lot to get idea’s and inspiration for the interior of my appartment. Here are some of the images I found through pinterest and like to share.








As you can see I love colors and life in my appartment.
I definetly want to have one of my walls completely decorated with beautiful frames with pictures, mirrors and other pretty images.
I love to travel, I can say I’m quite addicted to it, so my appartment would not be complete without a world map. I really like the boho style but a bit more of a modern version. Also the color champagne you see on of the image with the lamps that are made of that color I really like. I don’t know what it is but that color attracts me a lot. Same goes for gold. I don’t have a lot with silver. For more of the inspirational pictures for my home go and see my pinterest!

Elle France

Here some of my favorite shots from my Elle france story in the december issue:



I always love to try out new places. And when a friend gave me a tip to go to the Moroccan restaurant ‘404’ in Paris because she was so enthusiastic about it, it made me curious.

The restaurant is hidden in a little street around le Marais. And you know a restaurant has to be good when its hidden in the most quiet street possible but full of people inside!

It was hard to make a reservation but me and a friend managed to get a table from 8.30 until 10.30.

When you walk in it’s a small and cozy restaurant in complete Moroccan decor. The atmosphere made me feel like I was actually in Morocco. You can look right into te kitchen when you sit at the table wich completely fits the decor.

I went for the Tajine. It’s a typical North African dish that is named after the special earthenware pot in wich it is cooked.
Mine included chicken and lamb kebab with vegetables and couscous. And I can tell you, it was delicious! A glass of red wine made my diner complete.

Ofcourse I couldn’t leave without having a dessert. Me and my friend went for the cookie dessert. These are not just normal cookies. They are pastries made with for example almonds, cinnamon and a lot of sugar. 

Sipping on a Moroccan mint tea and enjoying a little sweet cookie this night ended perfectly.

The address:

69. Rue des Gravilliers

75003 Paris

Call to make a reservation:


They also have a 

A night in Hermès style

If you are talking about luxury brands, you are talking about Hermès. Last
week Hermès organized big event in the Ecole militaire. Once Napoleon
Bonaparte was a student here. Now there were dancers, rope skippers and
games. The entire Hermès collection for Spring Summer 2014 was shown. Also
the ‘Luxe Jungle’ collection, which was first displayed during the last
fashion week in Paris, was on stage again. Most of the models who were on
the runway then, where here for the event, including myself!

One of the games; horse running

Hermès knows how to take care of their models. Backstage it was a possible
to get a Thai massage. I made happily use of this and had an amazing back
massage. Nice little plates of food were served including salmon, tartar as
well as the guilty pleasure ‘la Duree’ cookies.
The catwalk had been transformed into a realistic jungle with palm trees,
exotic plants and typical jungle sounds.

A little look into the afterparty

During the after party we walked around into different rooms, watched the
dancers and acrobats. In a secret room luxury jewellery from
Hermes was on the display. The famous DJ Clara 3000 was playing. Me and my fellow
model friends, Anne Verhallen, Marique Schimmel, Ros Gorgiou and Diana
Moldovan went for the champagne. We got into the right mood and danced the
night away. Everyone was having a good time the models, agents, stylist
Camille Bidault and Hermès designer Christophe Lemaire. What a blast it

With Anne, Marique and Ros

Let’s Reform

I betrayed myself on becoming a bit lazy after fashionweek and wanted to start my workout routine again. I like to stay fit and went out to look for a nice work out spot in Paris. Some friends recommended me to try Reformer. Some of them loved it some of them felt it was the most painful thing to do. This made me curious.

But first of all, where do I find a gym in Paris, where they give english classes? As my french is more or less on elimentary school level. After quite a search me and my roommate found one. The place is called Rituel studio. They offer 9 different disciplines including yoga, pilates, gyrokinesis and yes, Reformer! They really focus on the breath, stretch and movement at this studio. And because the classes are small you get a lot of indivdiual attention.

The first class I took was Reformer 2. Which I regretted the moment I started. The level was way too high for me. And the french teacher repeated that several times to make sure I knew this level was too high for me.. Ha, Allright, lesson learned!

So Reformer 1 it was.. Reformer is basically pilates but on a machine instead of a mat. It kind of looks like a bedframe and torture machine at the same time. One of the best things about it, is that it’s very versatile. The reformer can train many parts of the body in many different ways. The excercises are done to promote strength, length, flexibility and balance.

The Reformer

I am very enthusiastic about the Reformer and would recommend Rituel studio to everyone. Especially when you don’t speak french very well its very convenient. The classes are quite expensive but they are worth it. You don’t need to buy a pack of lessons and you are not stuck with a one year subscription. You can just pay and go per class whenever you want.
But make sure you take a class at your level!

Rituel studio

A flight to LA paradise

A 12 hour flight, directly followed by a fitting and a Chloe show the next day in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. On friday afternoon in Paris, I found out that I had to fly to LA on monday because I was booked for the show. No problem for me at all! I love these kind of trips and I love Los Angeles. So for sure it was going to be good!

After the flight with 4 movies and failed attempts to sleep, I arrived in LA. I had to go straight to the fitting for the show from the plane. Got my two looks fitted and photographed and met my fellow Dutch model friend Nouk Torsing who was here for the show as well.

After the fitting we decided we should do some sightseeing. I have been in LA a couple of times but I never saw the Walk of Fame. Shame on me! Off we went there. The Walk of Fame is located at Hollywood Boulevard and goes on for about 15 blocks. It has over 2500 stars. These are a monument of achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers and other importants. So we walked between Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and not to forget Kermit the frog, who owns a star as well! A lot of tourists visit this spot. I was told that over 3 million of them a year visit the Walk of Fame.

Back to work the next day. The show was being held in the “Brody House”. This place belonged to a couple that was big in the art world whom had just passed away. It was a beautiful in Beverly Hills located house with a fascinating interior: those kind that you see in movies. Further it has a tenniscourt, swimming pool and a toilet with a butt heater! I could sit on it for hours…The Playboy Mansion just a couple of houses down the street, and tour cars with tourists passing by these houses made the picture complete.

The courtyard of the “Brody house”

The show was hosted by Clare Waight Keller, headdesigner of Chloe, actrice January Jones and Vogue-editor Lisa Love. It was the first time that Chloe was doing a show in Los Angeles. The spring summer 2014 collection was showed and it was beautiful like always. I would wear every single piece of the chique yoga inspired collection.

Me and Melissa in Chloe

Famous actresses like Zoe Saldana, Rachel Bilson, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Nicole Richie were in the audience. Also Chase Crawford was there. The famous actor from Gossip Girl who the models backstage couldn’t stop talking about. I have never watched Gossip Girl and have no idea what he looks like. After the show there was a diner and cocktailparty. I was at the buffet table snacking on some nuts while a guy next to me was doing the same. Little did I know that this was THE Chase Crawford. So girls now I can say I ate from the same plate as him ;)

Velib pimpin’

On a beautiful day late afternoon in Paris me and my roommate, fellow Dutch friend Anouk, decided to go bicycling. In the French capital they have the great bicycle system called Velib. I love it because it’s so easy to rent the bike, to hop on and explore Paris!

Several times I’ve been here, but on ‘the Velib’ I still explored new places and things; I saw the bridge with the chains for the first time. Here, couples or friends hang their chains on the bridge and write something on it to express their love for each other. Bicycling along the Seine we saw the many other, different bridges. I realized once again how BEAUTIFUL Paris is. Wow, no words!

I always take the metro and therefore I don’t see anything here, except of course the famous tourist places like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Which I have already seen many times. Never get’s boring though. Take the Velib for a change and be surprised of what you see.

We discovered an interesting spot where one tourist newlywed woman had a photoshoot in her weddingdress. While another newlywed just stepped out of her car realizing her photoshoot spot just got stolen. She and her complete team of stylists, hair and make up didn’t look very happy. I guess this is THE (tourist?) spot to have yourself photographed in a complete wedding costume. It is a beautiful place I must say with a view on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. 

The newlywed at the spot
The other newlywed realizing her spot got stolen

I recommend every cyclist to stay in the bikinglanes in Paris… I had some dangerous moments getting lost in the middle of a crossover with cars passing me everywhere. Luckily there was an angel on my shoulders and I am still alive.


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