Velib pimpin’

On a beautiful day late afternoon in Paris me and my roommate, fellow Dutch friend Anouk, decided to go bicycling. In the French capital they have the great bicycle system called Velib. I love it because it’s so easy to rent the bike, to hop on and explore Paris!

Several times I’ve been here, but on ‘the Velib’ I still explored new places and things; I saw the bridge with the chains for the first time. Here, couples or friends hang their chains on the bridge and write something on it to express their love for each other. Bicycling along the Seine we saw the many other, different bridges. I realized once again how BEAUTIFUL Paris is. Wow, no words!

I always take the metro and therefore I don’t see anything here, except of course the famous tourist places like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Which I have already seen many times. Never get’s boring though. Take the Velib for a change and be surprised of what you see.

We discovered an interesting spot where one tourist newlywed woman had a photoshoot in her weddingdress. While another newlywed just stepped out of her car realizing her photoshoot spot just got stolen. She and her complete team of stylists, hair and make up didn’t look very happy. I guess this is THE (tourist?) spot to have yourself photographed in a complete wedding costume. It is a beautiful place I must say with a view on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. 

The newlywed at the spot
The other newlywed realizing her spot got stolen

I recommend every cyclist to stay in the bikinglanes in Paris… I had some dangerous moments getting lost in the middle of a crossover with cars passing me everywhere. Luckily there was an angel on my shoulders and I am still alive.

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