A flight to LA paradise

A 12 hour flight, directly followed by a fitting and a Chloe show the next day in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. On friday afternoon in Paris, I found out that I had to fly to LA on monday because I was booked for the show. No problem for me at all! I love these kind of trips and I love Los Angeles. So for sure it was going to be good!

After the flight with 4 movies and failed attempts to sleep, I arrived in LA. I had to go straight to the fitting for the show from the plane. Got my two looks fitted and photographed and met my fellow Dutch model friend Nouk Torsing who was here for the show as well.

After the fitting we decided we should do some sightseeing. I have been in LA a couple of times but I never saw the Walk of Fame. Shame on me! Off we went there. The Walk of Fame is located at Hollywood Boulevard and goes on for about 15 blocks. It has over 2500 stars. These are a monument of achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers and other importants. So we walked between Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and not to forget Kermit the frog, who owns a star as well! A lot of tourists visit this spot. I was told that over 3 million of them a year visit the Walk of Fame.

Back to work the next day. The show was being held in the “Brody House”. This place belonged to a couple that was big in the art world whom had just passed away. It was a beautiful in Beverly Hills located house with a fascinating interior: those kind that you see in movies. Further it has a tenniscourt, swimming pool and a toilet with a butt heater! I could sit on it for hours…The Playboy Mansion just a couple of houses down the street, and tour cars with tourists passing by these houses made the picture complete.

The courtyard of the “Brody house”

The show was hosted by Clare Waight Keller, headdesigner of Chloe, actrice January Jones and Vogue-editor Lisa Love. It was the first time that Chloe was doing a show in Los Angeles. The spring summer 2014 collection was showed and it was beautiful like always. I would wear every single piece of the chique yoga inspired collection.

Me and Melissa in Chloe

Famous actresses like Zoe Saldana, Rachel Bilson, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Nicole Richie were in the audience. Also Chase Crawford was there. The famous actor from Gossip Girl who the models backstage couldn’t stop talking about. I have never watched Gossip Girl and have no idea what he looks like. After the show there was a diner and cocktailparty. I was at the buffet table snacking on some nuts while a guy next to me was doing the same. Little did I know that this was THE Chase Crawford. So girls now I can say I ate from the same plate as him ;)

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