Let’s Reform

I betrayed myself on becoming a bit lazy after fashionweek and wanted to start my workout routine again. I like to stay fit and went out to look for a nice work out spot in Paris. Some friends recommended me to try Reformer. Some of them loved it some of them felt it was the most painful thing to do. This made me curious.

But first of all, where do I find a gym in Paris, where they give english classes? As my french is more or less on elimentary school level. After quite a search me and my roommate found one. The place is called Rituel studio. They offer 9 different disciplines including yoga, pilates, gyrokinesis and yes, Reformer! They really focus on the breath, stretch and movement at this studio. And because the classes are small you get a lot of indivdiual attention.

The first class I took was Reformer 2. Which I regretted the moment I started. The level was way too high for me. And the french teacher repeated that several times to make sure I knew this level was too high for me.. Ha, Allright, lesson learned!

So Reformer 1 it was.. Reformer is basically pilates but on a machine instead of a mat. It kind of looks like a bedframe and torture machine at the same time. One of the best things about it, is that it’s very versatile. The reformer can train many parts of the body in many different ways. The excercises are done to promote strength, length, flexibility and balance.

The Reformer

I am very enthusiastic about the Reformer and would recommend Rituel studio to everyone. Especially when you don’t speak french very well its very convenient. The classes are quite expensive but they are worth it. You don’t need to buy a pack of lessons and you are not stuck with a one year subscription. You can just pay and go per class whenever you want.
But make sure you take a class at your level!

Rituel studio

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One response to “Let’s Reform

  • lena

    super happy to read this, I’m new to Paris and as yet haven’t got started on my French. I tried a reformer solo lesson and loved it, but cant afford to keep that up at 90 euro ! Rituel sounds just the ticket!
    Cheers, L

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